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    Default badminton books / magazine?

    Does anybody know of a good badminton book? i.e. something that might include a history of the sport, some key players bios ... I'm also interested in exercises for example running or weights to train for badminton. Also, is there a magazine out there that prints that kind of information? I went to the largest bookstore in London and guess what.... no badminton! so I look on amazon, but there are barely any reviews, so I can't tell what the books are like.
    Anyway... can anyone help?

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    Default RE: badminton books / magazine?

    Go to Yahoo , look under sports, narrow down to the

    69 sites, go to site called Uk badminton and browse

    the list of books on sale.

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    Default RE: badminton books / magazine?

    I've the Badminton Interactive CD-ROM, I think it is not too bad. Besides talking about skills, I've recommended a number of training programmes too.

    For magazines, I know that there are some specialized Badminton magazines published in Japan (but I never read them myself as I don't know Japanese).

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    Default Re: badminton books / magazine?


    I've compiled a list of books and magazines in my badminton web site.

    Hope this helps.

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