A guide for shuttlecocks in India .

We in India are always jealous of other BCers who discuss about Chao Pai, Aeroplane , RCL , RSL , etc while we had to limit ourselves with Yonex which are insanely priced .
But things are improving i tried all the shuttles available in India so decided to list the pros and cons of various ones along with the price and the place to get them .

AS50,AS40,AS30 are costly and if you can afford dont bother seeing price .

AS20,AS10 are not so expensive price wise and can be brought at 1400 to 1800 in sadar bajar delhi or online at 1600 to 2000. ( If you prefer full cork base )

AS2 - Never get these at what so ever price.


These are best price wise available in India with decent quality.
RSL No. 1 - Can be around 1700 at snap deal. Good
RSL No. 2,3 - Costly an similar to No.4 . Dont buy at any cost more than no.4
RSL No.4 - Most economical and can be purchased below 1200. With humid condition in India , it will last 2 games with acceptable flight and wobble.
RSL No.5,6 - Not worth wrt to price .

Li Ning

All are cheaper than RSL but not as good as RSL but can be tried. Dont expect magic .


Victor gold champion - Best bet in expensive range with price around 1600. Similar to AS40. No other Victors available in India are good price wise or otherwise .

ASHAWAY , ARTENGO are all crap .

My pick

AS10, RSL No.1 , RSL No.4 , Victor Gold Champion , Li Ning Gra Prix

You can comment , compare and discuss and ask questions as I have tried all shuttles , strings available in India along with the places to but them.