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    *I'm just supporting my good friend Captain Frank here. Anything you can call him at 016-2192877 or email him

    05 August 2011

    Time: 7:00PM - 10.00PM.
    Court Number: 3 and 4.
    Location: The Club. (Kindly refer to the map for directions)
    Entrance fees: RM10.60 (Must be registered at the Registration Counter, LG Floor)
    Shuttle Fees: RM7.00
    Level of Playing: Advanced Beginner.


    1. OTC
    2. Wong
    3. Balls
    4. W.K


    Gentle Reminder:

    - To be registered at the registration counter, LG Floor (Please inform them that you are playing in Loo Teng Fang's session).
    - Make the necessary payment of RM10.60 to "The Club".

    *We sincerely hope the above procedures will be followed strictly as we do not wish to run foul of The Club's regulations and risk being blacklisted.

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    [QUOTE=lycfrank;1097426]Hello all badminton enthusiasts. I am planning to start a badminton group in Bandar Utama (not at Jason's) but in a private club called The Club in Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama, PJ.

    Hi... i know this thread is 3 years old, but i think you would have a team by now. I have a team and would like to arrange a friendly with you.

    my team has 9 players, and we cover these categories.

    Mixed Doubles
    Women Doubles
    Men Singles
    Men Doubles
    Men Doubles.

    So all together 9 players. Can we arrange a friendly?? As we are preparing to join a charity tournament juz wanna see each other in action... our team is average/intermediate also... all social players only... what do you say??

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    Hi, I know this is quite an old thread, but was wondering if there's any games that I could join this weekend (Saturday/Sunday)? Or if anyone needs a casual player for the next 2 weeks at the club? Please pm or email me. Thank you!

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