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    Question Stiff or Flexible

    I have been playing now for about 2 years and have had some quite good racquets, Carlton Aeroblade FX, but when I bought them I never realised that the flexibilty made a difference. When I bought a Carlton Fireblade S-lite, I recommend aeroblade over fireblade, my friend started saying it was rubbish and not flexible enough, even though it is medium flex, because of the backhand shots or something.
    What is generally better, flexible, stiff or medium or is it just personal preference because until told I never really thought about it.
    Aside from that does anyone have a Ashaway Superlight 79SQ. Is it good because i'm thinking of selling my fireblade to a friend and need 2 good racquets,or rackets?


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    It's all down to personal preference and the skill level of the player. For example, an advanced player with good technique will get good racket head speed. This means they will be able to make even the stiffest of rackets bend. Once the racket has bent (flexed is a better word) upon impact with the shuttle, the stiffer it is, the quicker it will snap back. This means that advanced, hard hitting players get more power from stiffer rackets whereas beginners with little swing speed will be unable to make stiff rackets flex meaning they should go for something more flexible.

    I suppose (scientifically speaking), a player should go for the stiffest racket they are able to handle. In reality, people just choose a racket with a stiffness they feel comfortable with. As a general consensus, more advanced players do play with stiffer rackets but I'm sure there are plenty that play with flexible rackets. Just go for a racket you feel suits you.

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