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    Default Help! Yonex serial check

    Hi, I'm a new member but have been using BC forums for years for useful information.

    I recently bought a MP100 from Hong Kong (tried to horde one of the last pieces) through a friend (not sure where it was purchased) and need to check its authenticity.

    It feels and looks real, but a serial check will help, as there are discrepancies:

    1. Yonex hologram sticker is at tip top of the cone handle.
    2. No PBSI logo

    Everything else is fine. Grommets look legit, SUNRISE hologram sticker on handle. Laser serial code, which is:

    6225365 090667IP

    I would have posted in the STICKY for yonex serials, but it seems to have not been responded to for some time. If anyone can help me on the matter, it'd be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Exclamation No Exceptions

    This beats the point of having a dedicated authentication thread.
    You are welcome to post in the relevant thread or not at all


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