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    Thumbs up Head Nano 700 vs Carlton Fireblade Tour ("thoughts")

    Just wanted to get you guys/girls opinion on these rackets, I understand that the Head Nao 700 is alot lower price point but the price is very similar where I am.

    Inter player with medium/high power and some defensive play

    So what I'm looking at

    1. Head nano 700

    2. Carlton Fireblade Tour

    Would these rackets be better if I get them restrung right away or play with the string that is included with the rackets?

    Thanks for the input!!!!!

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    I don't know much about either of the rackets so I'll leave that to someone who does.

    I definitely think you should restring straight away with your preferred string at your preferred tension. Factory strings are not great and won't give you your best experience with the racket.

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