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    If you look up at the US patent filed by Yonex in the US sometime ago, you will find an explanation about the T joint, and hence the area around the T joint, as a potential weak area because of its large size and surface area which will increase air resistance and thus adversely impact on racquet head speed.
    You will also find in a 10-disc training video by Xiao Jie, produced in the 1997s, that have a section on stringing. In that video it explains the reason for that missing string at the bottom grommet #10, which is specifically to increase power.
    If you have very stiff racquets with very high tensions, you can try it out for yourself.
    BTW, re the AT700 limited edition, the original Armortec SuperBrands is more valuable as a collectible. This is because it is unique, unlike the AT700 LE. The Armortec SuperBrands is a de facto leader of the Armortec series, then known as AT700, AT800DE, AT800OF, AT500. It was named an ARMORTEC without the number 700. It has the colour design of the AT800OF. It however has the racquet soecs and dimensions of the old AT700. The new AT700 LE is obviously not designated as the leader of the AT pack, just a new AT700 with limited quantity produced.

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    Haha yea, anyway I ended up cutting the strings and get it re stringing again by my usual stringer. So there should be no more problems with it.

    The most prized possession in my opinion would probably be the old AT-700 CP

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