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    Default Looking to buy new Carlton racket

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I have started playing some badminton again after what is quite a few years...

    Anyway, I fancy a new racket and wish to "decommission" my Carlton Aerogear 700FX since I consider it more of a collector's item.

    It was the best racket I have ever played with and suited my style of play (that's relying on movement and technical ability rather than just smashing as hard as you can!). I don't want to play with it forever and I probably need to move on...

    It was a very accurate racket and you could smash and almost place the shuttle at times. Lethal in the right hands!

    From the research I have done online I am eyeing up two rackets: Carlton Fireblade S-Lite and Fireblade Tour. You notice I like Carlton rackets!

    I am edging towards the S-Lite but I cannot remember what the specs were on the 700FX. I want something similar if possible. To me the head feels quite light, the shaft feels medium to stiff-ish and the balance feels medium.

    Tour would likely be too stiff for my liking. Any thoughts?

    Just one other thing - yes ideally I would test them out but I have no idea where to try them. No places I am aware of sell these rackets near me.

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    If you can Still find them in the UK, think about the Powerblade Superlite, From 2005-ish. Excellent rackets, and not too head heavy. Stiffish, and mid feel, just like you said.

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