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    Default Badminton + Indonesia = violence?

    This sounds more like football (soccer to some) than badminton...

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    To be fair it is not really as bad as the yobs of football.

    Indonesian crowds are not violent they are just intimidating,

    abusive, biased and very noisy.It is not so much the violence but

    the appearance or potential for it.

    A poverty stricken country with millions unemployed, uneducated

    and very little hope.Badminton is their pride and glory.

    I think the real problem is not in the halls but in the streets of the city unrelated to

    badminton. Notice that the leadership of Ina is trying to improve relationships with

    China for business and trade, that's why you see China so accomodating this time


    The trouble is that such a situation is ripe for politicians to exploit and rouse the

    rabble but I don't think it is carried that far into badminton tournaments.

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