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    Default What do you hope for the badminton in the future?

    What do you hope for the badminton in the future? also badminton in Denmark?

    thanks a lot to answer all my questions


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    Default Hope for future!!

    I really do hope that badminton will prosper in the media and become a world wide sport. This is a high goal, but I believe that the game has an appeal to almost all people.

    It´s fun to play and you can play until you get very old.

    In Denmark I´ve just had an article in one of the big newspapers about my ambitions for mens doubles in Denmark. I want to get more attention from the media because I think the level of the mens doubles in Denmark is very high.

    The media focuses a lot on the singles players and I find that wrong because when I talk to people both interested and non-interested in badminton they tell me that a good mens doubles game is equally as good as a singles match or better.


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