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    Smile RSL VS Yonex Racket Technolgy

    We know that RSL comes with so many kind of technology, etc: tapered shaft, poly-matrix, x-stiff...
    But how does it compared and analogous to Yonex tech?

    Yonex has Amortec, Muscle Power, Nanospeed, Arcsaber series
    RSL has DiamondX, Laser, Heat, Matrix...series

    How does these series compared to each other as we need to compare apple to apple before purchasing?

    This will provide more information to player to know a option other than Yonex..which is RSL.. since 1928..

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    errr i never care 'bout tehnology as long as suit my style and feels good then i play with it. I still choose At900T from YY as their best racket (for me) so far even they introduce Nanospeed and Arcsaber series which is full of extraordinary technology...I buy them and tried and not satisfied so just keep in my bag as my collection only

    pstt this is secret....the best racket (again for me) is Mizuno TC700

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