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Thread: Oh yeah !

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    Oh yeah !

    muhahaha....... I finally get it !!!!
    I am so proud of myself today although its quite expensive

    Since my old coach came here visit me last week (left already), he pointed out that I should adjust my jump position for better and more powerful jump smash, I was very confused what the heck was he talking about, I can't hit a damn after follow his instruction. Fortunately, I watched the Olympics MD final again, and just happen to watch how Tony jump few points at beginning of second game, and BANG BANG BANG. I tried it today and MAN, I finally figure out what was that old man telling me about.... it really rocks the crap outta my opponents. I break 2 of my racquet string at 24x22 (BG 85) and one of my friend's 23x21 (BG 80) (the string life for 3 racquets are between 3 weeks and 1 month)

    [Before] mesured where the hit point at and move to the position waiting for the bird and jump.
    [Now] mesured where the original hit point at and adjust just a little bit lower and move to the position 2 steps away from it and wait for bird and jump.

    The result?
    the speed of bird travels way faster and the hitting sound way crisper then before. I figure the additional power comes from my weight + the jumping forward movement.

    HAPPY !!!!! but now I have to pay 35 bucks to have all 3 racquet restringed
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