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Saturday May 2nd, 2015

Independence High School (Large Gym)
1776 Educational Park Drive
San Jose, 95133
(The gym and parking lot is on the N. Jackson Avenue side of campus.)

1. B - Advanced
2. C- Intermediate
3. D - Recreational

D - Mixed Doubles (capped at 32 entries)
C - Mixed Doubles (capped at 16 entries)
B - Mixed Doubles (capped at 8 etnries)

D - Mens Doubles (capped at 32 entries)
C - Mens Doubles (capped at 32 entries)
B - Mens Doubles (capped at 16 entries)

D - Womens Doubles (capped at 16 entries)
C - Womens Doubles (capped at 8 entries)

Warm-Ups: 7:30AM-8:15AM

All Times for events are approximate
D Mixed Doubles: Starts @ 8:30AM
B Mixed Doubles: Starts @ 9:00AM
C Mixed Doubles: Starts @ 10:30AM

D Men Doubles: Starts @ 12:00PM
B Men Doubles: Starts @ 1:00PM
C Men Doubles: Starts @ 3:30PM

D Women Doubles: Starts @ 2:00PM
C Women Doubles: Starts @ 5:45PM

BRING YOUR OWN BIRDS!!! Birds will not be provided. Unless both teams agree to use plastic birds, you must use feather birds.

1. The tournament will be conducted in accordance with applicable BWF rules. All Cons games will be 1x21.
2. A player not ready to play five minutes after his/her match is called will be forfeit by default.
3. On court warm-ups is restricted to 2 minutes.
4. Rest time is limited to *10 minutes*
5. Players may sign up with different partners for separate flights. You may also request for partners! We will pair you up with another person who requests. (You may not have a partner if not enough people request).
6. Each player in a doubles partnership must submit separate entry forms.
7. 2 females may play in a MD event. However, a male and a female cannot play MD.
8. 2 flights maximum per event. Maximum 3 events per player. No jump flight. (For example, you may play B Womens Doubles (BWD), B Mixed Doubles (BMX), and C Mixed Doubles (CMX). You MAY NOT play BWD, BMX, and DWD).
9. **NO SANDBAGGING** We have the right to alter your events if we feel like you do not fit in the appropriate flights. This tournament is mostly played by high schoolers so please avoid sandbagging! The tournament director reserves the right to DISQUALIFY any players at ANY time during the tournament if we feel they are not playing in their appropriate flights!!!
10. Please use your REAL NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS when signing up. (Confirmation e-mails for entry will be sent out in 24-48 hours)
11. The Tournament Director reserves the right to change and/or add to the above conditions.

Tournament Director: Mike Do

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17Mu...0yMUI/viewform

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 11:59PM
$12.00 for first event
$10.00 for each additional event


We will be collecting tournament fees on the day of the tournament at the front desk. You will not be allowed to play unless all fees are paid. You can either pay CASH or write a CHECK to "Independence High School"

Trophies will be awarded to all 1st, 2nd, and Consolation Winners!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns etc., please feel free to contact Mike Do at mikedo@hotmail.com