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    Default Looking for support SAIT summer badminton club

    For anyone interested, send me a PM.
    Looking to book 3 nights a week, most likely monday, wednesday and Saturday, for 3 hours each day.
    I need about 24 members, and we're looking at a fee around $60 ($5 for drop-ins) or so, however this is only a preliminary plan...
    So if any of you are in Calgary, and looking to play badminton this summer, rather than going to the public facilities we'd love to see your faces, and support.

    Fees include rental of the facility at least 10 courts I believe, and plastic shuttles (mavis 300) will be supplied. For those of you who are like me, and would rather play feather shuttles, you will have to bring your own.
    If there is enough support, and we do get going at the end of June through to the end of August. I will also bring out my kettle, so that those of you who need, may steam your shuttles.

    Again, if you're interested, PM me with your email, full name, and possibly a phone number.

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    Default interested in joing summer badminton

    Hi Kelvin

    I'm interested in joining your badminton club at SAIT for the summer. Here is my info;

    Anoma Rajvong
    phone 463-5847

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Thank you

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    hi, i just moved to calgary for a job and haven't got a chance to really know the city, so i don't know where to really play badminton.
    i would love to join this club. what would be the times? evenings i hope.

    anyways, my 411 is:
    John So
    phone: 403-801-3343

    hope to hear from someone so i can start playing again. =)

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