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Thread: Type of serve?

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    Default Type of serve?

    i just wondered, what serve do people prefer to use??
    i originally used a backhand serve all the time but for the last year ive been using a forehand serve, and to greater effect.
    Using this serve, i stand at least halfway back in the box and by the time i make contact with the shuttle its roughly level with my knees or slightly lower.
    this lets me hit it slightly harder but i find it alot easier to keep the serve close to the top of the net and then close to the service line to cause confusion in the reciever.

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    For singles, I mix it up. From while playing with the new scoring system, I play from points 0-15 in the first set with just low serve back hand serves. I mix it up with some high flick and drive serves until that set is over. The next set is my fore hand set and if a third set continues, I mix it up between the 6.

    However, in doubles, I always use the back hand serves. Mixing the drives, low and the flick serves. Never forehand.

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