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All players should get into good habits for protecting their eyes:

  • Never look back when your partner is about to hit the shuttle.
  • Protect yourself at the net. If your opponent is about to kill the shuttle, turn away, cover your eyes with your hand or racket, or duck your head into the net (if you're really close).
  • If your partner lifts the shuttle, get back into a defensive position. If you don't have time, give up on the rally and just protect your eyes.

If you can learn to do those things, you should be safe from getting blinded. If not, you need to wear non-shatter eye protection.

Never wear ordinary glasses, as these increase the chances of a serious eye injury: the lenses are larger and more prominent than your eyes, so the probability of a hit goes up; and they may shatter, sending glass shards into your eye.
I should learn this.Few days ago some stranger invite me to play double with them during Im playing with my bro.I dont trust my partner so I turn back to see where will he hit.But unfortunately he hit my eye.I cant see clearly and my eye that injured tear like crying(but just eye that injured).It take almost 1 set for me to see clearly back.