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    Default count me in

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent604 View Post
    Another intermediate/advanced player here. Would like to rent a court with someone just to play some singles games. Everyone here seems to have the same interests. MS BADMINTON MEET? haha

    How would you all like to set up a time and rent courts at richmond to form a new group of MS players with intermediate/advance level? Play location: richmond.

    I live in Surrey, but I go to richmond play badminton every weeken, my cell is 778 882 1268 Mike

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    Default Still looking for singles player ?

    Hi, Any of you folks still looking to play singles ? I am hugely interested , I have recently moved to Surrey ( Croydon ) and don't mind travelling few miles in order to satisfy my huge appetite for the singles game.

    If interested pls contact me on 07714679831


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