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    Default Places to play in LONG BEACH, California.

    To start off with, I'm a high school student. I have alot of free time, and alot of bus money. And currently its summer. And sooo I've been playing badminton for almost a year now, and i want to get better. I know the basics and just need to work on them, but its almost impossible for me to practice at home. At school our practice is from around 6 AM-8:30 AM, i go most of the time, but i don't feel like practice is enough. And so i need help, where can i find places to play near where i live?

    I already know two popular places for Long beach. SGVBC which is like.. 30+ miles-ish away? and CSULB about 10 miles??
    Calstate is good, but there only open on fridays and sundays from 5-9, and sometimes its not reserved so i cant practice.
    SGVBC is IMPOSSIBLE for me to go.

    I can play badminton forever, or at least it feels like it. And it could be a closed-down warehouse, or whatever, i just need a place to play. Please help me find it? thanks alot i appreciate all posts. :]. Oh and if i find a place, I'll just let this thread die.

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    Default ^^You can try checking this out..^^

    ..Cerrritos H.S., it's not in Long Beach but i know it's within the vicinity. PM Viper2005 to double check if it's open during summer. Good luck!

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