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    Thumbs up some old postings.

    i was browsing through some old postings, and found a quite a few interesting ones. here is one small thread between marshall and i back in the days of the y2k. (slightly formatted for viewing)

    Author: kwun
    Date: 12-31-99 18:59

    Hi, Kwun

    I just noticed your Y2K date fix for the postings. '100' for the year 2000 is a neat idea. Of course, this is only a temporary solution. Eventually, you're going to run into a Y2.9K problem Here's my prediction for 2900:
    We'll still be using shuttles with goose feathers. The court dimensions will remain the same.
    Everyone will want Yonex's latest racquet made of Miraculo, the wonder alloy that adds 2 km/hour to a top international player's smash and does nothing whatever for anyone else's game.
    The IBF will still be debating whether to play best of five nine-point games for a match.
    Video broadcasts will be so advanced that badminton fans in North America will be promised the Thomas and Uber cup broadcasts live "in a few years."

    let me add to the list.

    6. average american still plays badminton in their backyard and think countries who have badminton as their national sport laughable.
    7. china becomes so developed there are no more space to raise geese and no more cheap labour to make them. the price of shuttle goes up to US$500 each (taking into account inflation of course)
    8. besides 5/9 games, the IBF will still be experimenting with points in each rally.
    9. startv becomes galaxy tv, and even though mars has badminton broadcast, the US still don't.
    10. they realize the jumpsmash most efficient when executed in the moon.
    11. and especially tough to do in mars and saturn (mars is bigger than earth, right?)
    12. mars is so cold that they start producing speed 60 shuttles.
    13. but then they realized that the air is not as dense there.

    so basically, nothing changed on earth.


    ps. about the y2k bug, it has to do with the perl script i am using for this bulletin board.
    since it is so minor, i will instead spend my time working on the next, improved version of badminton central.

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    To add to the list:

    a) Racquets will be intelligent in that it will have "memory" of smashes so that at the exact moment of impact, it will stiffen (if necessary) or soften according to player's style.

    b) we will have oversize racquets (just like in tennis)

    c) The asians will still be the top players

    d) We will have different types of feather shuttles with goose being the most expensive and hen feathers being the cheapest

    e) the net will be higher since the new Nike court shoes allow a player to leap 4 feet in the air without any effort.

    f) Yonex still is the major sponsor of major events

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    I think Mars actually has less gravity than Earth though not sure why.

    I think we'll be playing virtual badminton. We'll be able to hold a badminton racquet in an area of half the badminton court and run around playing all the strokes. We can do this in our home rather than physically going to a recreational centre.

    We'll be able to plug in matches against Morten Frost/Zhao/Yang Yang/Peter Gade like "Matrix". We can even get the machine to make us emulate these players in every detail, even the little beads of sweat that run down the forehead.

    We'll be even be able to combine the different skills into our own game, the defence of Frost, the jump smash of Heryanto Arbi, the clear of Susi Susanti.
    just awesome!!

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    Default cheung

    you're right cheung because the earth's mass is about 9x greater than mars.

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