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    Cool Greetings from Scotland

    New to the forums, I've been out of the swing of things (geddit?) in Badminton terms since I stopped playing at school until the last 6 months where I've been getting a couple of games a week with my work colleagues.

    I'd love to start playing more seriously, just finding the time is the biggest drawback! Looking to get into a club in my county (Angus) but struggling.

    Not a fantastic player, but I can give most intermediate players a good challenge, or I'd like to think so. I was pretty decent as a teen (am now 29) where I won some inter-school tournaments, and even once won a recreational tournament held by Maersk Oil... I thought I was gonna get spanked by the Danes, but somehow fluked it!

    Just bought myself a Browning Platinum Nano 75, from Amazon to go with my current Carlton Airblade COMP TI - not had a chance to try it out yet.

    I'll see you guys and girls in the main forums!

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    Default ^^Welcome..^^ BCDF, LunanLand!..Yes, we do have some BCers from Scotland. You can find more of them in the Places to Play/Local Events->UK sub-forum.
    Anyway, hope you'll keep coming back & enjoy you'll enjoy this forum!

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