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    Default National Badminton League

    Northern cal will start soon, people please let everyone know I need more entry to start the league, hurry up and get your entry in, no matter what level you are. We want to be able to beat southern cal entry. I am very confidence we will have a very good turn out,

    Thanks everyone and lets get this big badminton league to get started.


    The season is roughly eight to ten weeks long (preferable) depending on the total number of teams; however, a three week league is possible "if for example" there is ONLY two teams in the same division between all the clubs and then would they only be required to play against each other at least or only three times (it has to be an odd number to break the tie). Winners from its respective division/level will have the opportunity to advance to state and regional playoffs and ultimately NBL Championships at the end of the year. NBL gives everybody the opportunity to meet and play against players from all locations. I do encourage at least one "Home Game" per team per location, therefore, it is necessary to travel for away games!

    Date and time/Deadline:

    I plan on running the league starting the first week of July up until the end of August. It is critical to submit your team information to me no later than july 25th. The league starts the first week of august, therefore, I need roughly two weeks after the deadline to help those who need assistance with forming or pairing up teams within his or her level. My three key duties as a league director are as follows: Signing up teams from different establishments, Creating a competition schedule for players within their respective levels and lastly, Updating weekly scores and team results once they are submitted to me at the end of each week.

    Please keep in mind that we are ONLY starting the "MIXED" league (SUDIRMAN CUP FORMAT) in July and five events are being played (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD). A minimum of 2 males and 2 females are required to form a team and a maximum 4 males and 4 females are allowed per team. The first step for everyone now is to FORM your own team. If needed, I will do my best to partner up individuals to form last minute teams before the season starts.


    The NBL base fees are as follows: Adults are $20.00, seniors are $15.00 and juniors are $10.00 (Originally $30, $25, $20). In addition, I will charge each person a one time organizing/scheduling league fee of $10.00. Therefore, adults will cost $30, juniors $20, and seniors $25 (for the entire season). Any additional costs associated with the league such as court time, drop-in fees or birds are split between two teams.

    please contact Maggie ho via about the league information.

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    Default ^^I take it..^^

    ..the NBL (National Badminton League) is different than the ABL (American Badminton League)?? this the first time it's being held??..

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    i think they changed it to NBL

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