In the past month I have been studying the technical aspect of the racquet dynamic:

1. There is a good base of knowledge here regarding the best racquet "stiffness"...

2. The issues of string type/tension are thorougly discussed here and also seem clear to me.

I have need to understand how the two components interact - that is to say what combination of stiffness and string tension will yield favorable results. Perhaps I am running into a dark corner here but I feel there are some correlations that a student and hopeful skilled player can use in racquet/string tension combinations.

Example: I have an Artery TEC TI 99 that I love but is a bit difficult for me at present. I am thinking the racquet is a touch too stiff for ease of use/performance because of my inexperience in technique.

I also have a medium flex Super Nano 7 that seems a bit too "spongy" ... easier to use and more productive general racquer work but control at the net is more difficult.

Both racquets are strung with BG-80 at 24#

The Million Dollar Question ...

Can I tune each racquet to a more user friendly weapon by:
1. Reducing string tension a couple pounds in the ARTec Ti.
2. Increasing the string tension in the S'Nano by a couple pounds.

Am I loosing my mind here??