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Thread: Racket focus

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    Default Racket focus

    Hi Jonas,

    For some time i'm reading lots of threads about racket choiches, people (with all respect) that have decent bags with rackets but hunting for that one new nice looking racket with the balance 1% shifted to whatever direction of the racket.
    I also find myself guilty in this matter, telling myself that i've using a type of racket for already 2 years and i should upgrade to that nice new series where everyone is talking about.
    After reading posts from you and other top players, i have the impression that top players like you are not that racket focused as the mortal majority.
    It wouldn't surprise me when your coach is the one who says Jonas, you should try racket X, it might have benefit Y for you and you responding : Are you sure, i like my current racket.
    Just curious what your view is on this
    BTW, I wish you succes playing the Dutch open !!

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    Default Racket choice

    Hi Yong!!

    Sometimes it can be very difficult to choose between different rackets. Especially if you´re current racket will be taken out of production.

    The best way to find the racket that is best for you is to try them out and feel which one you like the best. Never judge a racket by it´s looks alone, but try to get a whole impression of the racket.

    How it´s balanced, how it looks, do YOU like the racket and not your coach.

    Ask yourself these questions and you´re on your way to find the perfect racket for you.


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