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    Quote Originally Posted by michelangeli View Post
    of course, the spec. of balanced/head-heavy/head-light rackets, may affect the way you smash/drive quite a lot if your (basic) technique is not that stabilized. Isn't it improving your way of shuttle-hitting is more essential than getting a comfortable racket? (I have such injuries too years before as I want to win a game with an borrowed top racket without proper technique. )
    But realistically, most of my friends only choose their grips with nothing more than a good color available in a store.

    I have since tested out the new racket and arm doesn't hurt anymore.

    That 'wrong feeling' didn't feel as wrong anymore, even though it is still head light. I didn't have to add weights either.

    So lesson to self is that perhaps I was so used to an overgrip, I tend to grip harder than is necessary with a smaller handle, causing pain in the arm. The racket with the steel frame should also be retired as perhaps I am not able to handle its overall weight as well after non-practice for so long.

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    lol... i don't understand the purpose of this thread at all.

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