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    Angry Muscle pain on left rib cage especially on smashing

    I've been hurting the past 3 months now on my left rib muscles. The muscle is sensitive to touch. It happened when I was training for smashes. It hurts when I smash. I am right handed and the rib is on the left side. Tried all massages, heating pads, ice packs and it continues to dwell. Sometimes, when I breath, it hurts. Can somebody help me here? Anybody experience this? It has something to do with smashing. Will appreciate some info and help

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    Got same problem 2 mths ago after a good laugh, got a cramp in the left rib but not on the surface. U can feel it was between the ribs. After a whole mth I saw a Dr who gave me some cramp medication. It calmed down but I still hv it with me. I can't help U but I advise u to see a Dr.

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