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Thread: Canon EOS 7D

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    Quote Originally Posted by viver View Post
    Err, since you are the boss....

    I will deliver it personally as a sign of respect. Send me the airfare, business class to make sure the glass gets there safely and hotel accommodation ...
    how about limousine to fetch you at the airport? + 2 armored guard?

    ok, back to topic.
    i saw a comparison photos, 7D vs D90 at iso6400.
    the one from 7D looks cleaner.
    however, i am not able to confirm whether it is true or not. need to scout around and look for more reviews.

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    Some 7D shots from a local gym. Taken with a 24-70mm 2.8L and 7D ISO1600 and 3200. (Not my camera)

    Downsized, the noise isn't too bad, but the colours are rather washed out. Bokeh is not good.

    Handling wise, the camera is fine. I stayed on centrepoint focus throughout and it handled AI servo fine. The players are rather slower than the international players (!) so it was not too demanding.
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