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    Default have shoes improved in the last 10 years?

    Hi All,

    So, this is more of an open ended question,what do you guys think: have shoes improved over te past 10 years?
    The year 2004 was the year of Yonex SHB98 and 89's. By comparison the Asics Gel blade 2 is from 2007-2008.

    Now I am a notorious shoe wrecker, I have owned and thrashed yonex SHB89, 91, 92, 85, 86, 99, 99ltd, 100, 101, 102. I have murdered my asics Gel Tactics, Gel Beyonds and Gel Progressives. The Gel blade 3 and 4 did okay.
    In this list a few did quite okay (Gb3, shb92, 101, 86) and a few got wrecked really fast (shb91 mostly, gel beyond as well, tore of the side-supports on my 100's)

    My question is, looking at what I've wrecked, have shoes improved over the last years? I liked the Gel Blade 3 quite a lot, but the 4 doesn't fit me that well. I think we all switch shoes because the old models are out of production, not because the new ones are better.

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    Personally I think the SHB01 is a step forward.... try them.


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