As the title says! i'm looking to buy a an rsl x2 fp in melbourne. prefer local deals around the Box Hill area. however if u can offer a good price + the shipping cost ur welcome to pm me (if so then i will be able to pay by paypal.)

if u live close i will be willing to trade my USED A grade FAKE arcsaber 10 3U G4, 11 KARAKAL towel grips and top up with some cash.

if you would like the buy the Karakal towel grips seperately feel free to pm me!
Thanks for looking!

P.S. if u wanted to know the arcsaber was said to be A grade by my Coach.
When i got it i thought it was real since it had all the features and did not play like a fake. i was only aware when i put it up for sale and i forgot who but someone told me the serial indicated it was a fake racket.

it has a few paint chips but will definately not be breaking any time soon. Comes with the real case.

and just wondering the material under the frame under the paint chips is white is that also seen in the real ones? or just fake ones?

any who it plays quite well and it does have a thinner frame then my real AT 900 T.
Anyways, if you have any questions please pm me!.