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    Default Looking for Practise partner around Worthing, UK


    I'm from India, now I live in worthing, UK. I'm looking for practise partner in and around worthing area in UK. I haven't played badminton for over 5-6 years. I use to play a good standard badminton when I was at the university in India. But as I didn't play for over 5 years, I lost my strokes, power and stamina but the Love, Passion and determination for badminton is still there and I want to have a come back to the sport and reach a good standard again.

    I'm looking for practise partner In and around Worthing, West Sussex. If anyone interested, we could practise badminton strokes, footwork, smashes, drops, toss etc ones or twice or three times a week. We could specialize in singles and doubles and start to participate in tournaments.

    Anyone interested please let me know. I'm also planning to join couple of clubs but in the clubs they usually play doubles game, I wouldn't get much chance to improve my footwork, strokes and smashes to raise my game standards. So let me know.


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    This forum is good but your chances of finding a practice partner in your area are low if you just rely on what you write here. I know of two or three people that might take you up on your request not too far from Worthing. The best thing to do is join a club if for nothing other than to network and get your face known by the type of player who trains as well as plays games. As I have said before the two most likely clubs to offer that near you are Worthin Non-descripts and Horsham Arun. Both clubs have strong players who play for the county sides.

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