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    Default Badminton Training Routine

    Hi ,

    Need help on proper routine or format for kids (10 to 16) in badminton.
    This is our current routine:

    1) Warm-ups before stretching,
    2) Do some basic plyo like rope skipping and high jump or kangaroo jump
    3) Do some ladder drills.
    4) start with clears and smashes
    5) do some stroke consistency exercises with shuttle feeding
    6) then play singles and doubles.
    7) last part is the cool down

    I want to include some interval training in which to use foot work drills, in which part of the routine should i iclude this ?

    Also, pls comment on the plyo and ladder drills sequence if not proper. Thanks.

    By the way, i am not a coach just trying to help some kids in our neighborhood by using info from the net and i find that badminton central has lots of info.


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    You'll need to adjust your plyometric exercises by age and gender of the participants. For example a 10 year old will be fine with skipping and beginner plyometric exercises.

    I presume your interval training is to focus on quality of movement and speed. You need to do these when the participants are fresh and not tired and should be earlier in your routine and after a thorough warm up and gentle stretch.

    Dont try to focus 100% on all aspects of training in one lesson. Sometimes you'll have to throw your lesson plan out the window! Kids, a mixture of ages, gender, mood, all add to the fun and headache of a coach. Keep it fun and try to get them to focus on quality and not quantity.

    Good luck

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    no footwork drills?

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