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    Default Transition from Yonex =>Clone

    With so many of you slagging off main brands like Yonex and Carlton for over charging. I was wondering if any you great players could recommend me a clone which plays just as well, eg Winex, Yang Yang etc. I've always played with Yonex rackets and currently owned an Aerotus110 which I had for 5 years without breaking it!! So I thought it will make a change to switch to a new racket which may or may not change my game. Judging by all the threads I've read I am looking for something similar to the Swing Power SR/SA. I play mainly doubles, like to attack but have a weak smash. I don't mind if it's a Square or oval head even though I probably used to the traditional oval but don't mind the transition.

    Also a friend of mine will be going to Hong Kong pretty soon and if any you guys could recommend me a dealer, it would be greatly apprieciated.


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    Default Re: Transition from Yonex =>Clone

    I'm not sure whether chaging from a original product to a clone will be a good idea unless budget is an issue. But if you want to, you may want to give Yang Yang SSP900 a try, at less than half the price of Yonex SP900. It's flex is similar to SR/SA. I've one eventhough I don't use it as my main racket now. I find SX/SS suits me better but Yang Yang doesn't has such flex.

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