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    I do not have a chance to watch world class, double, players for
    ages. please summarise the double playing style.

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    I have watched several world class badminton videos and here's what I have gathered:

    1. In men's doubles, smashes are more used than in women's doubles. In the former event, the players push and drive the shuttle more.
    2. The players try to avoid lifting the shuttle whenever possible to maintain the attack. The rallies are very "flat".
    3. They always try to get the players into their best positions. Whenever I watch Yap & Cheah from M'sia, Yap often moves to the front while Cheah covers the back. In order to accomplish this, Yap does slow drops to pull his opponent in, smashes, while moving up.
    4. It is important that while on the attack, the front player cuts/blocks drive returns, particularly when it is cross-court.

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