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    Default edz from the philippines

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Edz from the Philippines. I joined badminton central because I want to find out more about badminton. I've been reading from this forum for quite some time now, and the discussions are really enlightening. The tips on proper use and maintenance of equipment, Q and A's, and information presented within the site are very helpful. I have also noticed that members seem to be very accommodating with regards to the inquiries of other members which is very helpful.

    Hope to learn more!

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    Default ^^Welcome..^^ BCDF, edzesp (Edz)!..Glad you've found this website and glad to help you w/your inquiries. Btw, do visit the Places to Play/Local Events->SE Asia sub-forum to find more baddy buddies.
    Anyway, keep on coming back & enjoy your time here!

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