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    Quote Originally Posted by jug8man View Post

    Yes, out of respect of the Old Timers, I choose to generalize up to Misbun time only and not ancient history.

    It would be no point trying to compare too far back into the past as it will never lead to a fair comparison due to differing circumstances of Then & Now.
    its ok to me
    i used to it when pemuda drag the old glory of liverpool 18 league titles and 5 cl

    liverpool fans is waiting two year longer(for epl/bpl) than mas fans(for thomas cup)

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    Thumbs up Wong Peng Soon was a great Badminton Player

    Quote Originally Posted by jug8man View Post

    Wong Peng Soon is also regarded as a Singapore Sporting Hero. He lived the rest of his life there for what I remember.

    So Malaysia must share WPS glory fairly & equally with Singapore.
    The 8 MAS OPEN Titles devided by 2 nations = 4 Mas Open Titles Only

    LCW 5 Titles still better (* jug8man is laughing insanely at his own crooked logic :P)

    In the end, Wong Peng Soon moved to Canada.

    Wong Peng Soon was a great Badminton Player and a great ambassador for Badminton. His winning records/contributions to Badminton can be searched and found everywhere via surfing the internet.

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