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    Default Looking for a training partner.

    Hey BC,
    I've recently gotten back into badminton after a two year hiatus
    I'm an intermediate level player (high C-B level) men single/double
    I'm from the Scarborough region, but work in markham/richmond hill on saturdays
    I'm looking for a training partner who's willing to put in two hours 1-2 sessions a week (one weekday evening, one weekend evening).
    I play plastic, but if you have feather, I don't mind playing feather.
    I don't mind renting a court if we split the cost, pm me if you're interested in doing some training and playing a game or two on the side

    some things I have in mind (5-10 mins footwork,10-15 mins serves, 10 mins drops, smash/smash defense 20 mins; last hour for games/tweaking)

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    Default ^^Welcome (back)..^^ BCDF, b.leung!..For your query of training partners in your area, you can hover on over to the Places to Play/Local Events->Canada East sub-forum. Should be plenty of Toronto based BCers there ready to meet your needs.
    Anyway, glad you're back from your hiatus & enjoy surfing here again!:coo;:

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