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    so i finally got to drop by BBC3 tonight.

    not many surprise beyond what we already know. the color is same as BBC1, the flooring is also the familiar Robbins flooring which has been tried and tested.

    chatted with Harry a bit about it, he acknowledge a couple of issues that Smashcity had, namely the temperature/ventilation issue as well as moisture buildup in humid days.

    for the moisture, he said they have installed some extra mesh in the flooring to make it breathable.

    for the temperature, they are planning to install a duct system to draw hot air out of the gym. he also mentioned that installing an A/C system is also a possibility.

    the lighting isn't as bright as Bintang Campbell or CBA. the lighting level is a one EV/stop darker. this is rather obvious after stepping into the gym. it feels dark. they would have to double the amount of light to match the other location. right now it is only borderline for photography.

    i also noticed that the light is not even over the court surface, it is brighter near the net and darker towards the baseline. Harry claims that is by design from observing international tournaments.

    visibility-wise, standing at the outside looking towards the center of the gym has slightly poorer visibility. it is not as big an issue as CBA and it is actually quite ok.

    the court layout is very good. a lot of spacing between and behind court. benches will be placed at the end walls for patrons to sit on.

    it is pretty much what i have expected it. they made a good gym out of the same space that was occupied by Smashcity.

    here is a panorama that i took while i was there.
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