Any recommendations on how to string Voltric Z Force 2? I know I should have thought of this earlier but was looking for what people think?

What I have been doing was on my right side, the grommet strip mains on head 6 and 7, 8 and 9 are under on the grommet strip and 10 and 11 are up on the grommet strip and left side it is oppisite, 6 and 7, 8 and 9 are over and 10 and 11 is under. My cross starts on left side over so when I get to cross 15 as it comes out on right side it is under the grommet strip, as cross 16 goes in under the mains on outside of frame it starts weaving up creating a hard weave. My thought is with a hard weave the strings will keep straight, having a tighter string plane on top. I kinda believe this is just a guess but it also keeps the stringing plane more uniform.
This pic is Pink Mains, Red Crosses. From left to right, this is a pic of main 11-10 up, 9-8 and 7-6 down. Cross 16 going through main 11-10 is under, crosses 19 going through main 9-8 and cross 21 going through main 7-6 are on top.
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This pic is main 9-8 which are under and cross 19 on top, but as it is woven through it goes under main 8 creating a hard weave with more friction and the cross staying tighter and straighterName:  VTZF22.jpg
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Just looking for feedback!!!