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    Lightbulb Suggestions

    Hi Everyone.

    I always have a headache searching for the right products in this Buy & Sell section. I recommend that we should have standards, in writing up an effective title.

    Example :
    WTS (SG) - Yonex NanoSpeed 9900 @ SGD$250
    WTB (US - San Jose, CA) - XXX Racket @ USD$99

    The first 3 characters would be the usual WTB/WTS/WTT (look at legend for reference).

    The second would be location, which will be in ( ) and could include area, county, region, city, etc, for ease of reference. However, if it's for worldwide, it should state (WW).

    The third would be the item. Stating brand, product and series would be useful. Even country-codes would be good too.

    The fourth after the sign @, would be the price unless it's for WTT or WTB.

    By following these standards, it would be much more easier for everyone to find what they want.

    1. What if there are more than 1 product?
    Open a new thread or in the title, state something like
    "WTS (SG) - Item A / Item B @ Price A / Price B"


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    yup. sounds like a plan, just need to know if people will adapt to it

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