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    A guy at my club has one identical the the white slazenger, but it's made by Black Knight.

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    Hiya, i'm new to this forum as well as to badminton and i happened to have 1 of those weird racket...
    except that i'm not very sure whether it's a squash racket or if it really is a badminton racket.
    It's Slazenger Mystique 400 (can't find anything on the net)
    And also, as u can see from the attachment, it has an string system? .. which i think usually squash racket has that.. & also, it has triple taper system and optimum mass system .. which i don't really know what it's for.. & the weight of the racket is rather light not as light as graphite racket though. I don't know much about squash but i think that is much more heavier?
    So, is this a badminton racket?? rather weird.. >.<
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