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    Default Li Ning AP90 string


    Need some advice on Li Ning AP90 string. I've recently strung my Li Ning racquet with AP90 at 22/23lbs. The string moves after a few smashes during my first game. And since then, the string moves every time I play. So, I have to use my fingers to move the string back to align. Has this happened to anyone before? Could it be string with good repulsion need to be strung at higher tension, probably 24/25lbs?
    I love the repulsion and the power the string gives me compared to Li Ning 70 string.
    My friend strung her racquet with BG80 at 23/24lbs. I'm considering to move to BG80 with 24/25lbs. Will it give the same repulsion and power like AP90? Or is there any other suggestion? Just don't like to have string dis-aligned after smashes.

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    i think string move is relatively normal... if you feel you can take a higher tension by all means give it a try...
    you'll only know when u do give bg80 a try... if you string it at the tension you mentioned, i don't think the movement of the string is significant once you've played with it for a few sessions...

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