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    Lightbulb New place to play in East Bay, San Francisco


    I wanted to know how many people would be interested in using a place in Hayward area for drop-in play during the week or in the weekends. Hayward High School has twice a month Badminton drop in sessions where the players can either pay for the play time or teach some badminton to the junior players from the school.

    From what I remember, they have 2/3 more sessions remaining for the rest of the year.

    There are a lot of places to play in the peninsula and in the south bay. And then one in the Pleasanton area, one or odd in the Fremont area. We really need a few more in the Hayward/Fremont area.

    I spoke to one of the people organizing this at Hayward High about the possibilities of a regular drop-in. He kind of hinted at 'thinking about it depending on player turnout'.

    I can ask him again about this if I have an idea of how many people are interested. Please post your thoughts on this. BTW, Hayward High is on E street in downtown.


    P.S. Kwun you won't have to travel all the way from Fremont to Pleasanton ;-)

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    it really depends on the time and location. travel distance matters and most people, including me, only travel to far places if closer venues are not available. currently, i have most days of the week covered with local gyms and unless there is something compeling with the gym in Hayward, it is less likely that i will go all the way there.

    as mentioned, the mileage of my old honda is still higher than the post count in BF as of today, i really should try not to accelerate its rate of aging.

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