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    Thumbs up A Chance To Play Against TONY GUNAWAN: SGVBC2's Monday Night Challenge!

    This is an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to play against Tony Gunawan!
    And the cost is ZERO...unless you get under 10 points, then it's only $5 (more on this later).

    Join us at SGVBC2 in Pomona every Monday night from 7pm ~ 9pm for the Monday Night Challenge!

    +This event is open to everyone.
    +If you do not have a partner, we will find you a partner, no worries.
    +If you don't participate, you can still come on over and watch, FREE of charge!

    Rules for the Monday Night Challenge:
    1. One set, 21-points scoring system.
    2. If you beat the SGVBC Pro Shop Team, you and your partner win an SGVBC Yonex Tournament Shirt of your choice.
    3. If your team scores under 10 points, a donation of $5 will be made to the Pro Shop Team.
    4. Each Monday, one Global Badminton Academy Coach and one SGVBC Staff Member will represent the Pro Shop Team.

    The results from this past Monday (September 26th):

    The Pro Shop Team of Bob Cook and Tony Gunawan took on all comers and defended all the SGVBC/Yonex Tournament Shirts.

    Here are the results:
    Match # 1: Wen Mai and Ben Vuong: 10-21
    Match # 2: David Hwang and Coach Agus Wijaya: 12-21
    Match # 3: Prakash Malathairajan and Eric McMullin: 6-21
    Match # 4: Roberto Nogueda and Vy Vien: 17-21
    Match # 5: Alfredo Chin-Chan and Nelson Chu: 10-21
    Match # 6: Wen Mai and Ben Vuong: 9-21
    Match # 7: Chris Carlo and Morris Musharbash: 10-21
    Match # 8: Dan Chien and Jeff Wang: 23-25
    Match # 9: Coach Alistair Casey and Michelle Tea: 19-21
    Match # 10: Prakash Malathairajan and Robert Nogueda: 19-21
    Match # 11: Raymond Santosa and Coach Agus Wijaya: 11-21

    So, come on over to SGVBC2 and watch or participate in the fun!

    San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club 2
    3410 Pomona Blvd.
    Pomona, CA 91768
    (909) 839-1939

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    WOW Panda, for somebody who is out of shape, you almost earned yourself a free shirt (23-25). Their is lots of talent hidden underneat that deep fur....Name:  panda.jpg
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Size:  5.7 KB

    Nice to see the Panda is getting back to life...

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