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    Default Hello from Germany - looking for a coach in Bournemouth

    Hi all,
    starting from february 21, I will stay 3 weeks in Bournemouth in order to improve my Business-English. During the stay I'd like to work on my badminton skills, too. Therefore I am looking for a coach or a partner and a place to play (ca. two times the week). Is there anybody in Bournemouth that is interested in playing badminton with me or who can give me an advice? Looking forward to your feedbacks. Thomas

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    Default ^^Welcome..^^ BCDF, tko63 (Thomas)!..For your query on where to play in or near Bournemouth, you can float on over to the Places to Play/Clubs/Local Events->Europe sub-forum. Feel free to post your query in there.
    Anyway, keep visiting us & hope you'll find what you need!

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