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    Question Yonex Shaft Batch Numbers

    I know that most people knows that if the number on the cone wrong, then the racket is a fake. however i see people who have a racket with a correct cone code but it's a fake because of the shaft code not matching (usually too low).
    So my question is:
    how do you tell the difference, is there a list of what kind of numbers that are expected for each model of the racket?
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    Here's the list: (there for everyone who takes the time and effort to do a search)

    Simply put: shaft serial is production number and cone code is production date. Between different models there won't be a massive difference, all between the daily factory output. A 18 februari 2010 racket will never have a lower serial than a 17 februari one. The only differences are between Made in Japan and Made in Taiwan rackets who each have their own factory and therefore production number.

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