Hi Sydney-siders

I am currently looking for a group of players who would like to play with me and my partner. We are just hoping to beef up our skills with better players as we are hoping to join the Sydney circuit tournaments this year. Having said that, we are only "C" graders.

So, we are looking for fellow "C" graders or higher to form a group on Saturday mornings, between 10am-12pm. The time is not fixed yet and will later form a general concensus with those interested.

I am thinking of booking only 1 court for a group of 6 players depending on the interest this thread will generate. If the response is good, we might want to book 2 courts and limit it to 10-12 players so swap and "train".

I am not sounding arrogant, but I hope those interested are as hardcore and "serious" we are. To give you a brief background, we are both fairly offensive players who want to hone our "softer" skills and compare our differences in levels with other players especially in our partnership and playing style.

Those interested, please kindly leave some feedback and/or PM me if you want to know more.