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    Default doubles long serve

    Yo JR
    just wanted to ask u about long serves in dobles, my coach in UK says u should never do this, but ive seen some pro's doing this, so is there a specail way to serve a long serve in doubles to make it a good serve?

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    Default Doubles long serve!!

    Hi Wind Rider!!

    There are many different ways to serve a good long serve in mens doubles.

    First of all, you need to take a look at your opponent. Is he tall, small, quick or slow.

    If the player is tall or very fast you need to give the serve a little bit of height to get over the opponent.

    If the player is slow or small it can be a good idea to make a more flat and quick serve past the player.

    You can also use some variation in your long doubles serve. Try serve for the middle line, outerline and a point the middle of these two. This way the your opponent donīt know if he has to go back in a straight line or he has to sidestep.

    Hope you can use this!!


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