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    Default Footwork question - rear foot position

    I've got a question about footwork (I did try searching but couldn't find anything in earlier posts).

    I've been doing a lot of singles footwork drills, four corners, the kind shown in Peter Rasmussen's video.

    When I lunge to the front two corners, I'm never sure about the exact position/posture of my rear foot. Should I be dragging it sideways, or keeping it flat, or should it be toe down to the floor (or the ball of the foot on the floor with the front of the foot bent)?

    I've seen some players complain that they wear out the left front side of the left shoe from dragging on the floor when they lunge (these were right handed doubles players), but I've also seen players (singles players) being told to keep their foot straight (i.e. in line with their lower legs).

    Sometimes, when I lunge very deep, my left knee is almost touching the floor so my left foot is completely inverted, i.e. the instep is facing the floor. But then, it feels like I'm not able to use any of my left leg muscles to recover.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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    It should definitely be turned out somewhat sideways. If it's completely straight, then your balance will be worse.

    (See my page about lunge technique.)

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