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    Default Who will go to Shanghai, China next week? :)

    Dear All

    Do you know anybody will visit Shanghai this weekend or following weeks?
    My friend in Shanghai will help me buy 5 models of shuttle and ship here for a test.

    She is a very good Malaysian lady player and moved to Shanghai 1 year ago. If you want to play some games in Shanghai, can join the clubs she knows there.

    Or she can go to Pudong airport to meet you if you can help to bring back the 5 tubes. I will buy you a good meal plus beers when come back. Haha...

    The reason to get in good and cheap shuttles is that we usually bring in shuttles from JB, now the exchange rate from SGD to MYR is dropping like crazy, from 2.45 to 2.2x. So the cheap shuttles from JB are getting more and more expensive.

    Many thanks,
    David 96809996

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    Default Please introduce Malaysian Lady Badminton Player

    Hi, please introduce the Malaysian lady badminton player who moved to Shanghai. Do she still play the game?

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