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    Default Which of these strings for a Cab20?

    Which of these strings would be the best combination to the cab20 special? my current string is BG65ti at 20x18 pounds of tension. It provides a lot of power and a really loud hitting sound compared to the BG66 which I have on my other racquets but it has very poor control. Which of these strings would provide better control but still have a lot of power? BG65, BG66, BG70pro, or BG85?

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    BG65: A good choice for all around purpose, nice control and ok power, however, not outstanding in any one of these 2. The durability is pretty good.

    BG70pro: The durability is good, that's why if u use nylon birds a lot, this may save u some $$$ for re-string, however, the feeling is kinda bad.

    BG66: seems u don't like it, and the durability is bad, since it's .66mm, I think

    BG85: more expensive, but if u can afford it, go with this one. A lot of ppl give it very good review, plus, truly a good combo in power and control.

    So, my choice: BG85 (if u have $$$), BG65 (if u don't have too much $$$)

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