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    Default Li Ning Open April 16-18

    Why hasnt anybody posted about this tournament? $15,000 Starts today at 6:30 pm!

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    Default A bit of what i saw..

    ..the total prize money came out to be around $17,000ish..
    MS top prize was around $750
    WS top prize was around ???
    MD top prize was around $1800
    WD top prize was around $1000
    XD top prize was around $1500
    There were also money prizes given for the other different events' winners.

    Some comments:
    - Went to Day 2 & Day 3 and the place was packed wall to wall. I heard there were over 300+ participants.
    - Saw injuries to a couple of participants. One was a badly sprained ankle and the other a dislocated pinkie joint caused a brief stoppage. Then another person had to receive a bit of attention on Day 3.
    - The MD Semifinal matches were somewhat interesting. Halim & Phillip C. almost pulled one out in the 3rd game, but a risky flick serve by Halim, which went just long, clinched a Final spot for Lee HL & Trisna G.
    - Saw the Final matches of the MS & WS and partial XD and WD matches.
    In the XD match, Halim & Grace lost for the umpteenth time in a row to Howard & Eva after winning the 1st game. From what i heard and noticed, Halim & Grace sort of "let up" in the 2nd game. In the 3rd game, it was reminiscent of their U.S. Nationals' XD Final match: full of errors. The last time Halim & Grace won over Howard & Eva was back in 2008 U.S. Open Semifinals Rd.
    Then in the MS Final match, it was a rematch of last week's U.S. Nationals. It was no different as Lee HL's speed and court movements were just too much.
    In the WS, Nicole Grether staved off a hard fought affair against Lili Zhou.
    In the WD match, it was just too much power from Nicole and Charmaine. Eva & Jamie tried their best in the 2nd game to target Charmaine.
    - Parking on both days seem to be a bit of an issue. Hopefully in the future, whenever they hold another tourney, they'll be able to handle the parking issue better. Perhaps they can find someone to stand-by outside and act as a parking monitor (collect car keys for those who park right behind cars).
    - Hope to see some pics as i saw a couple or so BC folks snapping pics.
    - Hope to see some videos of the Finals matches.
    - Li-Ning booth was there, but didn't see Mike Yang.

    Results & scores:
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    Go to review the finals

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